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Naomi is a Philosophy Graduate and Masters of Nursing graduate, former registered nurse who now works as an Author. She founded her boutique publishing house ‘Nurse Naomi Press’, now called NNP in order to publish health themed books for kids.


When registered as a nurse, she blogged her personal journey to understanding health and wellness as Nurse Naomi – a blog that reveals her transformation from a relatively mainstream, albeit philosophical, nurse to an open minded thinker, aware of both the strengths and short comings of our current health care model. Naomi is passionate about Integrative methods of approaching health and healing, fully appreciating what 21st medicine has to offer but simultaneously recognising a need for the respect and integration of alternative healing modalities.

Her memoir How She Healed Me documents and shares the tumultuous years after her daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour, igniting Naomi’s passion to write empowering, health themed books for children. She is the author and publisher of the Little Bush Nurse series having published Mucky Ucky Teeth and Lorikeet Won’t Sleep, with more books to come late 2023. And, if you like cute Aliens, she has also published another children’s book called "An Alien In my Lunchbox."


Naomi is from Oxford, UK but currently lives over the bridge in the bushy suburbs of Sydney, Australia with her two teenage daughters.

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