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The Little Bush Nurse is a unique children’s wellness themed picture book series for ages 0-100! It is written and designed to empower and inspire  young readers to become active players in their own health and wellness journeys.


Each picture book deals with a separate wellness issue, be it toothbrushing, sleep, screen time, diet, exercise and mindfulness!  Currently available is Mucky Ucky Teeth and Lorikeet Won’t Sleep, with two others being released by the end of 2019.


‘It is my dream to contribute to the creation of a generation of children who are outrageously autonomous and empowered in their ‘know how’ – fully ‘owning’ their health and wellness!


As a registered nurse and parent with young kids I used to long for high quality fun yet educational health themed books to read to my kids and act as a platform to start conversations about ‘what it means to be healthy’ and what they can do as active participants in their own health and wellness.


 This desire exploded when my own daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour and I spent years learning how to re-empower her in a body that had become unfamiliar to her.


This really ignited my passion to get the ball rolling in the picture book world to create something truly empowering yet fun and educational at the same time. One Wednesday night, around the dinner table in our old high rise apartment in Bondi Junction  the concept of the Little Bush Nurse was born!  I then embarked upon the journey of pioneering this new concept into the picture book world.


This health and wellness, Australian themed picture book series for children and parent’s alike can act as a platform to  introduce and explore the concept of children becoming knowledgeable  and therefore empowered  active players at tender young ages to realise they can fully seize the reins and harness their own health and wellness.


The books provide practical tips, but it is my dream that a seed of empowerment is sown in every child whilst they are read…

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