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This book explores ‘going to bed’ and introduces the concept of a ‘bed time routine’ as being instrumental in the evening before bed. It could be used as a bedtime story to help children unwind or during the day as an educational tool for parents and children to explore the idea of having a relaxing, unwinding routine before bed. Or it could just be read for fun!


About the book:


It is evening time and The Little Bush Nurse is reading her toys a bedtime story when she called to action by her ‘ambo’ Spike the Cockatoo to investigate a woozy doozy Lancey the Lorikeet. After hearing what her furry friends tell her and after conducting her own examinations she discovers that Lancey is snoozy, so tired that he fell out of the sky – the reason being he had wanted to be an owl and had tried to stay up all night pretending to be one.


The Bush Nurse and her friends pause and think for a moment, it would be fun to be an owl wouldn’t it? Nighttime is beautiful after all... Then Bush Nurse remembers how much fun they all have in the day time and decides that no, being an owl isn’t an option for any of them. She sets to work with all her friends as they climb up a gum tree, into Lancey’s nest to put him through a calming bedtime routine so that he can enjoy the feeling of going to bed before drifting off to sleep.


After reading her friends a bedtime story Bush Nurse realizes everyone has fallen asleep, when the ‘Cooo-weee’ from her mum echoes through the bush she climbs down the Eucalyptus tree ready for bed herself, but not before jotting a parting note  about how nice it is to sleep at night in her diary.

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