Naomi is available to visit daycare centers and schools to do book readings with follow up discussion and activities on the topics raised in The Little Bush Nurse series and or any other health and wellness issue.


In the past she has visited daycare centre’s and schools as "Nurse Naomi" to introduce health topics- the most notable being a Handwashing Campaign in light of a Norovirus (Gastro) epidemic in 2013. She successfully launched a whole school competition for a student designed Handwashing poster that was mounted and placed in all restrooms.


She is an experienced children’s teacher, having spent four years in Egypt teaching both adults and children as well creating materials, courses and curriculum for young learners. 


Naomi is currently based in Sydney, Australia and can visit local centers  but she is also open to Skype or ‘virtual’ visits to classrooms around the Globe. Learning packages will be tailored made in demand  to each center or classroom that would like her involvement, please contact her with your requirements in order to receive a quote.

I'd love to hear from you - please get in touch! 

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