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This book explores toothbrushing and oral hygiene and is a great book for parents to read to both toothbrushing resistant children! It's also an excellent tool for introducing the importance of good oral hygiene. Or it could just be read for fun!


About the book:


The Little Bush Nurse is busy in her cubby house counting bandaids when she is called to action by her ‘ambo’ Spike the Cockatoo to investigate something smelly about Crunchy Croc. The Little Bush Nurse never jumps to conclusions and so with help from all the bush animals sets about investigating where exactly the bad smell is coming from. After a thorough search she finds the source of the smell: it is Crunchy’s teeth.


It turns out that all Crunchy’s toothbrushes keep breaking because of his sharp teeth. The practical Bush Nurse decides to make him a brand new toothbrushs, made out of bits and pieces she can find in the bush, with the help of her furry and feathery friends.


When the toothbrush and toothpaste is made Bush Nurse and all the animals guide Crunchy while he brushes his teeth, urging him to ‘scrub up and down and round and round’. Bush Nurse trots off home when she hears her mother’s “Cooo weeee” and jots a few notes in her diary about toothbrushing.

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